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Overview Edit

The ??Live Events: Return to Nordenwatch achievement category contains a total of 24 achievements. Those known are listed below:

  • Capture Nordenwatch Lighthouse 10 times. 50xp
  • Kill 25 High Elf or Dark Elf Enemy players at the Nordenwatch Lighthouse. 50xp
  • Capture and hold the Nordenwatch Lighthouse for the rest of the scenario. 50xp
  • Win Return to Nordenwatch scenario with 500 points. 50xp
  • Complete the Nordenwatch scenario 20 times. 50xp
  • Capture the Nordenwatch Barracks 10 times. 50xp
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Capture the Nordenwatch Fortress 10 Times, 50 xp
  • Kill 25 Empire or Chaos enemy players at the Nordenwatch Fortress, 50 xp
  • Capture and hold the Nordenwatch Fortress throughout the rest of the scenario, 50 xp
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Complete All Tasks Title: Hero of Nordenwatch, Title: Hero of Nordenwatch, 66 xp
  •  ???
  • Complete All Return to Nordenwatch Tasks, Title: Master of Nordenwatch, 66 xp
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Emerge from the Nordenwatch Scenario with 500 points, 50 xp
  • Take part in the Nordenwatch Scenario 20 times, 50 xp
  •  ???
  •  ???

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