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Overview Edit

Rumer tells of once great warriors who serve their dark master still, having lost all vestiges of their former glory and selves. It is said these lost souls can be awakened, recalled into Tchar'zanek's service by the Font of Souls. --In-game description


The Exploration: Ranks of the Damned achievement category contains a total of 4 achievements. Those are listed below:

Task Reward
Ranks of the Damned, Kalarthay the Mad 750 Xp
Ranks of the Damned, Ileon Blackwing 750 Xp
Ranks of the Damned, Maesius Blackwing 750 Xp
Ranks of the Damned, Darul Kingslayer 750 Xp

Tome Unlock Edit

Use the book "Ranks of the Damned" behind Disciple Everdamned in the Lyceum of the Inevitable City (position: 3800, 21600). This area can only be reached if the Inevitable City has reached Rank 4. The exact unlock varies.

Alternatively, you can click on the Fount of Souls, near the Lost Narrows section of the Inevitable City at 48119, 39807. Doing so will trigger the Fount of Souls, causing an npc to approach and turn into a champion with the same name as the unlock you would achieve. You may then click on this npc for the unlock.

Note: I have been unable to use this second method to gain other unlocks as yet.

2nd Note: i have used the book but haven't unlock the same Chaos Hero, apparently the unlock depend on the archetype of the player.(need confirmation, im a chosen and have unlock Darul Kingslayer)

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