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Overview Edit

The Dwarves of Barak Varr take the defense of their sole port city extremely seriously. --In-game description

The Exploration: Dead in the Water achievement category contains a total of 3 achievements. Those are listed below:

Dead in the WaterEdit

The Dwarfs of Barak Varr do not leave the defense of their mighty port up to chance. Massive iron gates guard the entrance to Grundadrakk's Wharf, while mammoth underwater mines protect the harbor, leaving only a narrow channel through which a ship might safely steer.

Finely-wrought mechanisms exposed to salt water for any length of time can be destroyed, and (thankfully) it appears this water mine is among them. - In-game text

The first unlock in this category is labeled as Dead in the Water.

Order & DestructionEdit

Examine the mine just south of Mobash's Place in the water named Deteriorating Sea Mine. (31949, 27125)


Settin' things straightEdit

The second unlock in this category is labeled as Settin' things straight.

Order OnlyEdit

After getting the mine fragment speak to the Siege Engineer on the North edge of Thane's Defense.

Note: works fine without having the sea mine fragment as well, just talk to this guy.


  • 150 Xp

Wot's Dis Den?Edit

The Goblin scratches his nose as he stares at the huge metal ball.

'Well I c'n see yer problem right off. Dis fing's broke.'

Stepping closer, the Goblin sniffs at the salt-rusted metal.

'Dunno what it's for. Wonder wot's inside!'

A wicked grin splits the golbins face as he raises a battered metal bar toward the ceiling. Before you can take more than a single step forward, the metal bar strikes the mine with a resounding gong.

'Wll that was disa-'

The rest of the goblin's words are lost in the explosion that rocks Barak Varr. - in-game description

The third unlock in this category is labeled as Wot's Dis Den?

Destruction OnlyEdit

After getting the mine fragment speak to the Bloody Sun Metal 'Ead in Mobash's Place at 28k,18k. Afterwards, the goblin will promptly explode dead.


  • 150 Xp.

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