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Overview Edit

Even in a time of burning villages and daemon armies, fools still abound. Luckily these warriors quickly make themselves known, and more than a few coins can be made off of them if you are willing to bear a conversation or two. --In-game description

The Casual: Communication achievement category contains a total of 5 achievements. Those known are listed below:

  • Completed 50 trades with other players - Title: The Peddler, 66xp
  • Completed 1000 trades with other players, - Title: The Trader UNVERIFIED
  • Completed 1,000,000 trades with other players, - Title: The Exporter UNVERIFIED
  • Used the 'tell' command 50 times, - Title: The Talker UNVERIFIED
  • Used the 'tell' command 1000 times, - Title: The Blabbing UNVERIFIED
  • Used the 'tell' command 1,000,000 times, Title: The Verbose UNVERIFIED

Note: Reference the tell commands, it doesn't work on the same person. Possible 50 different people?

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