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Overview Edit

For young warriors there are few pursuits as weighty as the search for glory on the battlefield. These younglings soon learn that to chase glory is to chase death, and the smartest of their number quickly find friends to stand beside. --In-game description

The Career: Comraderie achievement category contains a total of 8 achievements. Those known are listed below:

  • Restored 5 keeps to their natural owner - Title: The Reclaimer, 66xp
  • Restored 25 keeps to their natural owner - Title: Loyalist, 66xp
  • Restored 250 keeps to their natural owner - Title: Patriot, 66xp
  • Restored 2500 keeps to their natural owner - Title: ???
  • Taken over 5 keeps - Title: The Squatter, 66xp
  • Taken over 25 keeps - Title: The Encroacher, 66xp
  • Taken over 250 keeps - Title: The Raider, 66xp
  • Taken over 2500 keeps - Title: ???

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