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Overview Edit

Shard of ice

The location of the Shard of Ice

Yhetees have been known to create weapons from even the ice that coats the mountains that they inhabit. --In-game description

The Bestiary Achievement: Iceshard Blade category contains 1 achievement:

  • Iceshard Blade

The avalanche of Yhetees inhabiting the western snow packs of Troll Country are ferocious and savage creatures who yet hold some vestiges of a war-like intelligence.

Using nothing but their breath and the occasional fallen branch, these white-coated beasts create simple clubs for when their fused claws will not serve the purpose well.

The Ice Shard found within the Yhetee cave exudes an aura of freezing cold, its jadded edges mroe than a match for the sternest armor.

Click on a Shard of Ice in Shiver Hollow in Troll Country around 37500,900 for this unlock.

Rewards Edit

  • Item: Ice Shard Blade (Though crude in appearance, this shaped chunk of ice is quite effective in Yhetee hands.)
  • XP: 150

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