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Abhorash, first of the Blood Dragons, was tricked into vampirism by Neferata, Queen of Lahmia. Torn between his loyalty to his Queen and his loathing of drinking the blood of his fellow townsmen, he stalked nomad tribes and bandits but stayed at Neferata’s side. When Lahmia fell to Alcadizaar, Abhorash fled north and honed his martial skills. Eventually he slew a dragon and drank its blood. Thus rid of the curse which had haunted him for so long, he sent out his immortal sons to hone their martial skills.


Abhorash was the personal champion of King Lahmizzar of Lahmia, a kingdom in Nehekhara. When Lahmizzar died in the rebellion against Priest King Nagash, his son Lahmizzash seated the throne of Khemri and all of Nehekhara. Lahmizzar's daughter, Neferata, some say it was Lahmizzash's wife, set on the throne of Lahmia. Queen of Lahmia, Neferata experimented with the Necromancy of Nagash and made an elixir that turned her into the first vampire.

Unlike the other members of the deathless court Abhorash was content with Nagash elixer and had no wish to become a vampire. Neferata could not abide by his choice. She saw only the fact that all of the members of her cabal had to share the same amount of risk. So she secretly gave the Champion the elixer mixed with the sphinx venom and transformed him into a master vampire. When he awoke and found what they did to him he flew into a dark rage. For many days he tried to withstand his unnatural thirst for human blood, but eventually he succumbed. That night he drained twelve humans of their blood.

From that day, though without much choice, he resigned to the fact he needed blood. But different from the rest of the Deathless Court, he only preyed those who deserved death or went out the city to haunt the desert tribes. He also practised his martial skill and quickly rose to the supreme commander of the Lahmian armies. As "Lord of Blood", the title given him, he chased down criminals and brought order to the kingdom.

In -1200 IC, Alcadizaar united the kings of Nehekhara under his flag and invaded Lahmia to drive out evil. The people of Lahmia rose against their ghastly leaders. For months, Abhorash battled them, but slowly he was pushed back. The city of Lahmia fell and the last defenders were driven into the Temple of Blood. Despite Abhorash efforts –none could stand against him and a great pile of bodies heaped at his feet- and Wsoran’s undead army, the temple was devastated after a week’s battle and put to the torch. Only the strongest vampires escaped, though other sources tell that they –particularly Neferata and her sisters- had already fled before the army of Alcadizaar arrived.

Abhorash, stricken with grief at the fall of his homeland, turned his back to humanity and set off, vowing revenge upon all of humankind. Four companions joined him. They only took their sword and armour with them. Unlike the other vampires who went to Nagashizzar to unite with Nagash, Abhorash’s group travelled north, killing all who crossed its path. Their year long discipline and constraint crumbled to dust and they fed like wild animals at last set free. The badlands would recall its passing. Greenskin tribes were slaughtered, among them relatives of Dork Redeye who would later pursuit Abhorash and thus walk into Mourkain. Dwarf outposts and settlements were found butchered.

After years he came upon a great pinnacle and atop, Abhorash met a red dragon. To test his skills with the sword, Abhorash attacked. The fight would last an entire night at the end of which the dragon died and at the moment of his death struggle was drunken from by the vampire. At last, Abhorash had found a way to free himself from the curse. He had become a man with the powers of a vampire but without the need for blood. Sending out his vampiric minions he told them to train in battle and that if they proved worthy he would call them to join him once more. They called themselves the Blood Dragons and hope that one day they may emulate their master. It is said that somewhere Abhorash awaits their return.


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