A Wrench in the Works

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A Wrench in the Works

Order RvR Quest
Zone Reikland Factory
Start Adele Gondry
End Adele Gondry


A Wrench in the Works map
(click to enlarge)

Something's always breakin' down around here, and it's not just wear and tear, if you get my drift. Once you get past the landing, you'll find'em monkeyin' around with the warehouse, tryin' to get into the machine shop or, Sigmar forbid, messin' with the plant itself.

The worst thing is when they do manage to get into somethin' and we don't find out what they did 'til weeks later. That's why I need your help. Go check out all those places and let me know if you see anything suspicious.

Particulars Edit

  • Scout the factory storage and production centers for signs of sabotage or destruction.

Objectives Edit

  • The Machine Shop 0/1
  • The Landing 0/1
  • The Warehouse 0/1
  • The Steamtank Plant 0/1

Completion Text Edit

Thanks for the report, {name}, it's good to know what we're up against. Without people like us this place would be fallin' apart faster than it already is.

Rewards Edit

External Links Edit

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