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Bestiary unlock for Plaguebearer


Dwarf Chap. 2, in the Redhammer Brewery at 44.5k, 30k, is a witch hunter (Witch Hunter Adept) standing by the fireplace. Click to talk to him to recieve the unlock.

Currently working as of 1.2 patch.


Talk to the Forsaken Acolyte in Gorgor's Smash in Ekrund at 60000,39200 for this unlock (works in patch 1.2 and 1.3.1)

Plague-ridden filth. They should be rounded up and studied. I dont say that
because of my own history with them either. But will anyone listen? No.
Oh but you might. Let me tell you about this Plaguebearers!
You listen as Forsaken Acolyte tells you a sad and personal cautionary tale
about the terrible plauge and the bearers that spread it across the land.
You make meticulous notes and add them to your Tome in hopes that they will
help you in the days to come.


  • Title: The Plaguebearer Hunter
  • XP: 336

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