A Son's Sacrifice I

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A Son's Sacrifice I

Order PvE Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Scrivener Elwin
End Jakob Hebel
Next A Son's Sacrifice II


A Son's Sacrifice I map
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"Step forward! If your name is on the list, gather up some armor and report to the village square for deployment! If your name is not on the list, step forward and I shall place it there!"

"Ah, you wear the colors of the Order. What a welcome sight! I've orders to press every able-bodied citizen into service, but it's been hard. Take this Jakob Hebel, for instance. He's on my list, and he fought bravely in the last war. This time, he refuses to muster!"

"Maybe you could speak to him, {career}, and convince him that giving his life for Sigmar and Karl Franz is in his best interests."

- Scrivener Elwin

A Son's Sacrifice I is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins in Grimmenhagen, in southern Nordland.

Particulars Edit

  • Search the town of Grimmenhagen for the Farmer Jakob Hebel. Convince him to take up arms against the Chaos Warhost.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"Do what you can, {name}. We need every able body we can muster."

- Scrivener Elwin

Completion Text Edit

"What's this? Some prancing pony sent to press me into the ranks?"

"I won't go! I did my stint in the militia already. I done my duty. Go ahead, look down upon me if you like, but what do you know of my plight? If I leave my farm, them raiders will burn it! If I leave my family undefended, they'll be tortured and killed! Who will protect them? You? Them raiders will take what they will, then leave just like they've always done."

"What's that you say? A warhost of the Raven God? I don't believe it! If what you say is true, then we're all doomed! Even if I were to fight, I'm too old ... I can't leave my family!"

- Jakob Hebel

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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