A New Way II

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A New Way II

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Soldier's Orders
End Yrsol Whisperwing
Previous A New Way I
Next A New Way III


A New Way II map
(click to enlarge)

The words speak of much more than a typical raiding party!

Many more Dark Elves have landed on Ulthuan than anyone might have guessed! Assaults are soon to commence at dozens of locations across the Blighted Isle, including the village of Lacorith!

Particulars Edit

  • Hurry to the village of Lacorith, southwest of Adunei in the Blighted Isle, and speak with Yrsol Whisperwing to check on the status of their defenses.
  • Yrsol Whisperwing can be found outside of the Southeast Spire in Lacorith.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with Yrsol Whisperwing

Completion Text Edit

You come to me with the blood of my wicked kin still warm and sticky on your clothes. Though the first treachery was theirs, would you have us all be touched by their evil? My people have lived in the shadow of our cousins for generations. To adopt the methods of the Dark Elves, even in the name of all that is good, is to deceive ourselves. The end never justifies the means!

Do not be concerned for us, {name}. Lacorith stands secure, just as it has for centuries. There is no hint of invasion. The stars wheel overhead in their stately dance through the heavens, uninterrupted by the flight of arrows.

Surly, {class}, your hard-won knowledge is unsound ...

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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