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Bestiary unlock for Lizard, Giant

Tome Entry: Bestiary > Reptiles > Lizard, Giant
Title Reward: The Lizard Hunter
Experience Reward: 806xp

Note: Both sites will work for both factions, but drop rates are believed to be higher for the relevant faction in their appropriate location. Drop rates are extremely low in any case.

Note: I am a kotbs and tried for over an hour in the Blighted Isle in the Fire Crystal Caverns with a Warrior Standard and "On Your Guard" active, and got nothing. I think I killed over 75 or so. I went to Barak Varr to give it a try, killed maybe 5-7 and got the Scaly Skin. July 20, 2010

    • I just completed this as a RR96 Chosen and had to kill nearly 200 of the lizards in Barak Vaar but the quest item finally dropped. (Feb.23, 2012) -Mattster of Decimation



  • Location: Barak Varr
  • Map Mark: 7k, 25k
  • Detail: Kill beach salamanders on the beach for a Scaly Skin. Looting this item and right-clicking on it will trigger the unlock.

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