A Matter of Scale

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A Matter of Scale

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Marshes of Madness
Subzone Murdogh's Hold
Olfrinson's Outpost
Reekmarsh Camp
Thane's Defense
Start Alan Cartwright
End Alan Cartwright


A Matter of Scale map 001

A Matter of Scale map 002
(click to enlarge)

Well, hello there! Say you wouldn't happen to have a mirror on you by any chance? A pity, I seem to have broken mine. Then again no scrape of polished silver can compare with the reflective properties of some lizard scales.

It's no jest! The majority of 'discoveries' that the Engineering Guild of Altdorf make from year to year are merely pale copies of things already occurring in nature.

Still don't believe me? Just keep an eye out then, {name}. You'll see.

- Alan Cartwright

Summary Edit

Hunt down the lizards found throughout Barak Varr and the Marshes of Madness in order to harvest the Polished Scale Alan requires. Return to Alan Cartwright when done.

Objectives Edit

  • Polished Scale 0/1

In Progress Edit

Sill think I'm mad?

- Alan Cartwright

On Completion Edit

- Alan Cartwright

Rewards Edit

External Links Edit

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