A Golden Discovery

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A Golden Discovery

Tier 2 Order Hidden Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Beardrot
Start Gold Nugget
End Gold Nugget

The unmistakably warm glint of gold shines from the mold-streaked roots of the Marshes. Perhaps there really is a profit to be made out here among the undead monsters and creeping vines.

- Upon Examination: Gold Nugget

Summary Edit

Investigate what you have found.

Objectives Edit

  • Investigate Findings 0/1

On Completion Edit

Carefully, you place the lump of metal between your teeth before bringing them down firmly on the golden chunk. The slight give in the metal brings a smile of satisfaction to your face. Oathgold it isn't, but as spending gold, it is of the highest quality.

- Upon Examination: Gold Nugget

Rewards Edit

External Links Edit

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