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Original Changelog posted by Andy Belford:[1]Edit

Hi Folks, You'll see this in the 1.4 Patch Notes when we release them, however I wanted to go ahead and drop these while we're editing and translating the rest of the notes so that work can begin on updating AddOns for Game Update 1.4: Breaking Changes:

  • Career enums have been renamed to match the correct names.
  • GameData.CareerLine.WARRIOR -> GameData.CareerLine.MARAUDER
  • GameData.CareerLine.SEER -> GameData.CareerLine.WHITE_LION
  • GameData.CareerLine.SHADE -> GameData.CareerLine.BLACKGUARD
  • GameData.CareerLine.ASSASSIN -> GameData.CareerLine.WITCH_ELF
  • GameData.CareerLine.BLOOD_PRIEST -> GameData.CareerLine.DISCIPLE

Zone Control Details (breakdown between objectives, scenarios, PvE,etc.) have been removed.*Function GetZoneControlDetailAmounts() has been removed.

  • Event SystemData.Events.ZONE_CONTROL_DETAIL_AMOUNTS_UPDATED has been removed.

Zone Domination/override system has been removed. The timer part of the functionality is still used to display generic timers underneath Battlefield Objectives, and has been renamed to match its new use.*Function GetCampaignZoneData() no longer returns overridePoints.

  • Function GameData.GetObjectiveData() no longer returns overrideTime.
  • Event SystemData.Events.OBJECTIVE_OVERRIDE_UPDATED has been renamed to SystemData.Events.OBJECTIVE_MAP_TIMER_UPDATED
  • Function GetZoneObjectivesData() return value objLockdownTimer has been renamed to objMapTimer

Several changes have been made to map icon related functions.*Function GetDefaultMapPointIcon() has been removed.

  • Function GetKeepData() no longer returns id or rank.
  • Function GetMapIconData() now has fewer return values. The new usage of the function is: local textureX, textureY, sizeX, sizeY = GetMapIconData( iconNum )

Changes related to new Item Containers:*Function GameData.InteractData.GetPQLootList() has been renamed to GameData.InteractData.GetItemLootList()

  • Function ItemContainerLootItem() has been added. It works the same as PQLootItem() but for item containers.
  • Event SystemData.Events.INTERACT_SHOW_ITEM_CONTAINER_LOOT has been added. It is the same as SystemData.Events.INTERACT_SHOW_PQ_LOOT but for item containers.

Changes related to new Store Categories:

  • Function GetStoreCategories() has been added. It returns a map of valid categories. The key is the category ID (number) and the value is the category name (wstring).
  • Function SwitchStoreCategories() has been added. It takes a number which is the category ID to switch to.
  • Function GetStoreData() has an additional return value, selectedCategory, which is the active category ID.

New Stuff/fixes:

  • ListBoxes displaying numbers in comma mode will work properly for numbers over a million.
  • The flags argument to an OnLButtonUp or OnRButtonUp handler will now have the value SystemData.ButtonFlags.GAME_ACTION if it came from a game action.
  • Added GameData.Player.gender which has the value of GameData.Gender.MALE or GameData.Gender.FEMALE.
  • New bonus type GameData.BonusTypes.EBONUS_FORTITUDE has been added.
  • Added GameData.Player.isInRvRLake (values: true/false)
  • Added event SystemData.Events.PLAYER_RVRLAKE_CHANGED which fires when you enter or leave an RvR lake.
  • Added GameData.Player.battleLevelWithRenown. This is similar to GameData.Player.battleLevel but includes bonus adjustments for being over Renown Rank 80.
  • New MapDisplay type SystemData.MapTypes.RVRTRACKER has been added. A map display of this type will display Keeps and Battlefield Objectives in the zone's RvR lake.
  • Added GameData.Player.isPlayAsMonster (values: true/false)
  • Added event SystemData.Events.PLAY_AS_MONSTER_STATUS, fires when player switches into or out of Play as Monster mode.
  • Added NifDisplaySetTranslation function, which allows for dynamic changing of the Translation on a MapDisplay.

    local xTranslation = 10
    local yTranslation = -50
    local zTranslation = 150
    NifDisplaySetTranslation( "NifDisplayName", xTranslation, yTranslation, zTranslation )

Additional changesEdit

Texture "world_control" has been removed.


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