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The default UI module EA_BattlegroupWindow no longer exists in 1.2.0. It has been rolled into the EA_OpenPartyWindow module along with certain other group management functions (such as the party loot options previously contained in EA_GroupWindow). As a result, any addon which previously listed a dependency on EA_BattlegroupWindow will need to have that dependency removed or else they will fail to load.

The default UI module EA_OpenPartyWindow now manages open party discovery, party management, warband management, and looting options.

The PartyUtils Lua object has been introduced which consolidates all party/warband data into a single object. Dump the PartyUtils table for a full list of methods and properties (it's better to use the PartyUtils.Get____() functions rather than access the PartyUtils.m_______ properties directly - doing the latter may result in out-of-date information).

The button MainAssist window is now EA_AssistWindowMainAssist (inside the EA_AssistWindow container window).

TextLogs can now have certain filter types disregarded completely, at the base level, as opposed to just hiding them in a text display. Disregarded filter types will not even be recorded in the log for as long as they are disabled (and thus not affect log display line limits). TextLogSetFilterEnabled(logName, filterId, enabled) and TextLogGetFilterEnabled(logName, filterId) are the relevant functions.

The event ZONE_CONTROL_DETAIL_AMOUNTS_UPDATED will fire when the breakdown of the current zone's victory point type contribution is updated, at which point GetZoneControlDetailAmounts(realm) will return 5 values. The realm argument is one of the constant values defined in the GameData.Realm table, and the 5 arguments are the scenario, skirmish, objective, pve, and prior-zone contribution percentages, in that order. They are specified as percentages of their maximum contribution, so each argument will be 0 if none of that type of VP contribution is active, and up to 100 if the full amount of that type of VP contribution is active.

The function GetZoneTransitionPoints(mapDisplayName) can be used to get a table of items corresponding to transition points between the currently displayed zone on a mapdisplay and its neighbors. Each entry in the returned table will specify the neighbor's zone id as well as X and Y coordinates on the map for that transition point. This function's results are valid only after the new WORLD_MAP_POINTS_LOADED event has fired.

The flags field in any individual itemdata table has had the constants used as its indices increased by one. The table itself has not changed. These constants are the ones of the form GameData.Item.EITEMFLAG_XXXXXXXXX. The constants used to begin at 0 (and thus had to have 1 added to them when indexing the table); they now begin at 1 and thus can be used directly to index the flags table, without needing to +1 them first.

A pair of new functions TextEditBoxSetMaxChars(textBoxName, max) and the corresponding TextEditBoxGetMaxChars(textBoxName) have been added which allows you to dynamically adjust the maximum number of characters allowed in the box. Also, any items with a "maxchars" XML attribute will default to unlimited (instead of previously 255) if not explicitly specified.

The GetMapPointData(mapDisplay, pointId) function has been changed to return a table with much more specific information about a particular map point. The contents of this table may vary depending on the type of point (though the fields id, pointType, name, and specialType are all guaranteed to hold some sort of value for any point).

The GetZoneLargestHotspotSize(zone) function can now be used to query a zone for the largest battle hotspot marker size present in that zone. Possible result values are enumerated in the GameData.HotSpotSize table. The PAIRING_MAP_HOTSPOT_DATA_UPDATED event can be used to know when to check for new data.

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