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Creature Info
Type Humanoids
Sub-Type Greenskins
Variants: Hungry Squig
Ravenous Squig
Giant Squig
Level range: 1-40
SpikedSq concept

Squigs are small, aggressive, generally bipedal creatures that resemble fleshy soccer-balls with legs and very large teeth. Many different breeds and kinds of squig exist, but all share those same common characteristics. Omnivores in the extreme, many squigs live in the wild, where they feed upon whatever is unlucky enough to cross their paths. Though Squigs are not 'technically' Greenskins (though that is how they are listed in the ToK), they grow from fungus in a similar manner.


"Squigs are part animal and part fungus, but mostly claws and teeth."

- Unknown.

There are many, many different varieties of Squig. The most commonly seen variety, (and the one most commonly thought of as a Squig) is the Cave Squig (a basic example of which can be seen to the right). Cave Squigs usually grow from 1 - 3 foot tall and are often used by Night Goblins as mounts, beasts of war, or as a source of food. Squig skin is tough and sought after as a material for making leather or coverings. Giant Squigs are another prominent variety. Often as tall as a man or as big as a horse, powerful Goblin Warbosses sometimes use these as mounts. Skarsnik a famous Goblin Warlord, has a pet giant Squig called Gobbla. Many other types exist, including small furred southern varieties which can be found around Savage Orcs.

Some squigs, however, are bred in captivity by goblin Squig Herders (a career in WAR). These four varieties are referred to as the Battle Squig, Horned Squig, Spiked Squig and Gas Squig respectively. These are, however, not docile or even tame, as they are bred for their utility and aggressiveness in battle rather than as "proper" domestic pets.

Tome UnlocksEdit

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Squig XP:84 N/A
Kill 25 Squigs XP:204 N/A
The Other, Other Red Meat Title:The Gourmand, XP:336 Ekrund: Gather a Specific Item Mount Bloodhorn: Gather a Specific Item
Kill 100 Squigs XP:500 N/A
Take a Break Squig Teeth Necklace, XP:806 Saphery: Discover a specific item
Kill 1,000 Squigs Title:The Squig Squisher, XP:1050 N/A
Forgotten and Famished Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP:1476 Black Fire Pass: Complete Specific Task
Kill 10,000 Squigs Beastial Tactic Fragment, XP:1716 N/A
Feeding Time... Title: 'Ard ta Eat, XP: 1800 Vanquish a Champion Monster
Kill 100,000 Squigs  ??? N/A

Tome TextEdit

Squigs hop into battle, all teeth and slavering jaws. They are omnivorous, and often need a not-so-gentle reminder from their Night Goblin Herders as to what is on the menu and what is not.

Squigs are wild beasts that are difficult to control. Swirling melees are far from optimal situations. It is fairly common to see Squigs driven into battle only to see them turn against their handlers, wreaking havoc on their own lines, before bouncing off on their own accord.

Named SquigsEdit


Butchering Squigs results in the following types of apothecary ingredients:

  • Squig Bits (Multiplier)
  • Zoic Gore (Stabilizer)
  • Animal Humor (Restoration)


These are screenshots and concept art of various types of Squigs.

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